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Melania Body Double Sends Internet Into Meme Frenzy

The Trump administration has been circled in many truths (that hopefully are presented on a silver platter via the likes of Mueller soon), but not yet a conspiracy. The claim after yesterday’s press conference is that Melania Trump has a body double that does a “vey bad job” of holding any similarities to the First Lady, and people are going meme crazy over.

People initially took note of the President’s wording which was rather suspicious: “My wife Melania, who happens to be right here.” The Melania double simply nodded (which isn’t all that non-Melania like) but some say there were recognizable differences in her facial features. Joe Vargas took to Twitter to sound off on the matter, pointing out that the impersonator’s nose was a little off amongst other things. What’s interesting is just how truthful many of his supporting statements and proof of such was.

[via Elite Daily]

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