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Melania Trump’s Shoes Are on Everyone’s Mind as She Visits Houston, Texas

What's Melania's shoe of choice for a trip to Texas? Stilettos, naturally.


On Tuesday, President Trump and first lady Melania decided to take a visit to Texas, where the devastation of Hurricane Harvey hit heavily.

Of course, instead of caring about the actual visit, the Internet seemed to be more interested in the first lady’s outfit. Instead of dressing like a person that cares about the people of Texas, the first lady decided to come dressed like she was walking the runway. She rocked a bomber jacket, aviators, and wait for it … stilettos.

Enjoy some of these tweets below of twitter openly mocking the first lady’s choice of ensemble:

To top it off a White House aide was seen carrying the first couple’s bags, which were naturally, Louis Vuitton:

[via Buzzfeed]

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