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‘Memba Tonya Harding? Because ‘The Daily Show’ Has Some Thoughts About Megyn “Tonya Harding” Kelly


Tonya Harding was an Olympic-level figure skater, but she is best remembered for kneecapping Nancy Kerrigan, her main rival. And she wasn’t even the one who did it! (It was some guy hired by her ex-husband.)

If comedian Michelle Wolf has her way, our memory of Megyn Kelly will endure similarly to that of Harding. In a Daily Show appearance, Wolf described the journalist as the “Tonya Harding of cable news,” and it is not because of how she treated Vladimir Putin when interviewing him in her NBC debut (Trevor Noah noted that she made him sound like a “Russian mean girl”).

Nay, Kelly’s Harding-esque behavior was established by her years of kneecapping the entire practice of journalism. All I can say is: don’t try to Wolf that zinger down, Megyn, because this is a Hard-ing one to swallow.

Watch the clip below:

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