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Men Are Becoming Addicted to Mobile Gaming

IBTimes India

There is no argument that we are living in a mobile age where convenience is vital and anything that helps to make our lives that so much easier is welcomed.

This requirement for convenience transfers over to most aspects of our daily living and that includes the payment options offered by those sites that you visit to have a wager or bet on your favourite game.

Today, we are rightly concerned about our safety and security online as we hear so many stories about identity theft and accounts that have been hacked into. Unfortunately, where there is money included no matter what site you happen to be at online, there will always be that criminal element who would try to get your bank or card details.

Well aware of customer concerns the gambling industry has strict rules and regulations that apply to all UK online casino websites. Gambling operators have to adhere to these strict rules and regulations or risk losing their gambling licence completely and part of that security is stringent actions put into place to safeguard player confidentiality including any banking details.

In order to make players even more confident when online increasing numbers of online sites are offering phone bill depositing as one of their banking options.

Being able to make a deposit by either using your monthly contract bill or your pay-as-you-go balance is not only convenient it also bypasses any need at all to give any banking details to your online site which means that you will even more secure.

The mobile payment platform used is BOKU which enables consumers to pay for goods and services online, and as stated above, without having to divulge any banking or credit card details. In fact, you do not have to have a bank account or own a credit card in order to use Boku as a payment method.

Using Boku is quick and easy and all that you need to do is choose Pay by Mobile as your preferred payment option. Next thing to do is enter your mobile phone number and store it, you will then have to verify it, and that it, you are done.

Any future payments that you might want to make at your online casino will automatically be billed to your mobile phone, and of course you will get text messages to tell you when a payment has been successfully carried out so you can keep a check on what you spend, Phone payments are also  regulated by several authorities including Ofcom adding an extra layer of security.

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