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Merriam-Webster Weighs in on Trump’s “Shithole” Comment

The folks in charge of the Merriam-Webster dictionary have some pretty strong opinions about Donald Trump, and not in our esteemed presidents favor either. So, you might imagine that Donald Trump’s “shithole” word vomit didn’t do much for Merriam-Webster-Trump relations. And you would be right in imagining that. They were pissed.

On Thursday, The Washington Post reported that Donald Trump had referred to various nations as “shithole countries,” asking why these people from “shithole countries” are coming here. To put aside his typical display of empathy and dignity, Donald Trump also displayed his amazing eloquence as a true wordsmith. Trump was referring to the people of El Salvador, Haiti, and countries in Africa.

Hours after this story, many news outlets rapidly condemned Trump’s language, CNN’s Don Lemon even said “The President of the United States is racist.” But, c’mon, was that really a surprise to him? I think we all knew that already… 

And on Friday morning Merriam-Webster declared the word of the day to be “reprehensible.” Its definition? “Worthy of or deserving reprehension, blame, or censure.”

Any chance that was simply a pretty coincidence? I would say 100% no on those odds!

[Via Mashable]

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