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Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes Plus-One Will Make You Love Her Even More

CREDIT: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

The cameras and interviewers were abuzz during the pre-show of the Golden Globes. There were so many couples, big names, stars on the rise it’s nearly impossible to have caught all the interviews and questions. But there’s one takeaway from the night you really don’t want miss, and it’s Meryl Streeps’ date to the event, Ai-jen Poo.

Although she may not have a Hollywood star, this is a name worth remembering. Poo is the executive director for the National Domestic Workers Alliance. Since the theme of the night was #TimesUp, Streep decided to invite Poo as her plus one for the evening.

Poo recalled to Cosmopolitan how she had checked her voicemail one day and heard Streep’s voice, asking if she’d like to accompany her to the Globes. How could anyone turn down Meryl Streep?! To the Golden Globes, no less! This makes the whole debacle with Mariah Carey stealing her seat even funnier.

Poo and Streep took a “shot of courage” before going out and talking to the cameras, and the good times didn’t stop there. Poo was incredibly floored by the speech given by Oprah, who was backing a cause that Poo had worked for for nearly her entire career. Thanks to the awareness raised that night, an estimated $16.2 million has been donated to the Time’s Up legal defense fund. That’s a lot of dough.

This is a huge jump in favor of defense against women’s abuse, and Poo will undoubtedly never forget her great night watching a great cause.

[via Mashable]

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