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Mic Just Exposed Fyre Festival Execs for Knowingly Planning a Literal Shit Show


You might remember Fyre Festival, the luxury music extravaganza that turned out to be the second biggest scam of 2017 (only after Trump’s presidency), is a fire that won’t die. In a newly set of leaked emails, Mic exposed how the  brilliant minds behind Fyre were clear aware of the hot mess they were planning and did nothing about it.

The set of e-mails dates back to only three weeks before the luxe festival was to take place (last weekend of April). In the  string of emails festival executives are made aware of the logistical issues (aka disaster) they’re facing.

According to Mic an April 3 email from a Fyre Festival worker to senior staff, including founder Billy McFarland and president Conall Arora, details the high cost ($400,000) of transporting toilets and showers to accommodate 2,500 people in the Bahamas. On the same email thread the execs learn that their five star caterer is no longer part of the festivities.

Mic obtained thousands of email from sources close to the festival organizers, during and after it all went down in flames. Since Fyre Media is facing a few lawsuits for fraud and/or breach of contract along with an FBI investigation the sources of the emails requested to remain anonymous.

The emails show Arora, Fyre president, trying to negotiate the number and cost of bathroom trailers with the festival Executive Producer, Lyly Villanueva. Arora was aware of the needs, 18-20 stalls in total, even then he suggests to cut corners to save money:

“If we cut it in half, we would just have double the line wait? I’m seeing some sites that say we could get away with 75 toilets,” Arora wrote in an email.

Even after receiving pushback and warning of what cutting corners could mean, Arora insists on the idea of saving money, writing in an email:

“”It sounds like we can save a lot of money if we sub in port a potties,” he wrote. “Anyway could we get an idea of a nicer way to do this and how much we could save?”

According to Mic, on April 20, literally one week before the rich guests arrived for the experience of a lifetime, executives were made aware of an even bigger issue: housing shortage.

A senior consultant on accommodations, Marc Weinstein, advised removing 130 staff members from the first weekend of the festival, that’s including 70 people from the security team and also moving influencers to the second weekend.

According to the email threat sent by Weinstein around 539 people did not have housing arrangements just a week prior to the event.

You may recall Fyre Festival execs and organizers allegedly paid top model Kendall Jenner $250,000 to promote the event on Instagram. Music festival lovers were promised promised luxury villas and an opulent five-day music experience, the lowest package ran for $1,200, topping six figure prices for V.I.P. deals.

[Via Mic]

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