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You Might Be Able to Ride the Subway Without Even Pulling Your Card Out, Making It Suck Just a Little Less

The future is here, and it’s come to save us from the troubles that plague our daily commutes. Who is the hero paving the way to our dreams of no longer missing our train while fumbling around for our pass?

Singapore is leading the way on this one, as they plan to test a system that lets you walk straight through the gantry without swiping or scanning, Today Online reports.

They gantries will be equipped with a long range RFID (Radio-frequency identification), which is able to detect someones fare card from their bag. Transport authorities are even considering using Bluetooth as an alternative.

Singapore’s transport cards currently use short range RFID, which requires them to be tapped on the gantry reader. The current system is similar to those in the UK, Hong Kong, and Japan.

This new system is definitely as trip into the future of technology, and is a less intrusive idea than Singapores first plan, which was suggested two years ago. The first proposed system was based on a “Be-In/Be-Out” model, which tracked the commuter through out their commute, in order to calculate the fare cost. Yeah, that’s definitely not creepy.

Though Singapore is the first to implement the idea, they’re not the only ones who have thought of it, with countries like the UK and Dubai having considered the concept. Many of the ideas rely on Bluetooth, and some vendors say that people will be able to use their phones as their own individual tickets.

With advancements in technology, daily activities like taking the train is going to get easier. However, the idea of being tracked where ever you go is a scary thought, and even scarier to think that it was even considered. So with advancements in technology being made, there might be more plans to give up our privacy in exchange for convenience.

[via Mashable]

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