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This Might Be the One Trip Out of Penn Station that Will Be Worth It this Fall


Fall is slowly creeping up on us. Taking a beautiful fall trip might be the placebo you’re looking for if you suffer from end-of-summeritis. The weather will get cooler, the trees will look beautiful in their orange and red glory, and road trips are totally still valid. However, this road trip won’t add any extra miles to your car as you’ll be taking Amtrak’s Great Dome Car.

The train ride starts in Penn Station and continues with picturesque views to Albany and all the way through the scenic and breathtaking Adirondack Mountains. Final stop? Montreal, CANADA.

Now that’s what I call music a journey! You can continue imagining future Instagram posts and witty captions galore because the price is just $53. Get tickets ASAP as this is available for about six weeks starting in about a month.

[via Cosmpolitan]

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