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Mike Pence’s NFL Walk Out Costed Americans Almost $250,000

via AP

Ever the loyal servant, vice president Mike Pence followed Donald Trump’s orders to walk out on Sunday’s NFL match up between the Indianapolis Colts and San Francisco 49ers after players knelt during the national anthem.

Footage walk-out was shown throughout all of Sunday and Pence took to Twitter to explain his decision.

Trump also tweeted out his support.

However, what Pence and Trump failed to mention was just how much Pence’s waste of a ticket cost American taxpayers.

Just how much money was spent on the publicity stunt? According to the US Air Force, one hour of flight on Air Force 2 costs about $30,000. Pence’s Saturday flight from Las Vegas to Indianapolis was about 3 hours and 20 minutes long, which costed about $100,000. Sunday’s flight after the walk-out from Indianapolis to Los Angeles, which lasted for 4 hours and 45 minutes, rung up $142,500, bringing the total cost of travel to $242,500. All of this came at taxpayers’ expense.

What makes this particularly nauseating is that Pence of course knew that players were going to kneel during the anthem, meaning that he was well aware that he was wasting US citizens’ money. Had he done the conscientious thing and just from from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, the cost travel would have been brought down to about $45,000.

Yep, the vice president cost us almost $200,000 just so he could attend a football game which he knew he wasn’t going to sit through. He also robbed a few Colts fans of seats at a game that their team could actually win, making the stunt just a bit worse than it already was.

[via CNN]

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