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How to Minimize Anger and Stay Calm

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We all get angry now and then, although some of us might experience it more often. Some of us might also have higher degrees of anger and shorter fuses. When one thing goes wrong, it seems like everything could possibly go wrong, especially if you’re mad.

Losing patience is easy when you’re angry. That’s when the little things really start making an impact on your emotions.

There are different ways we express anger. Road rage and yelling are common forms of anger that we experience at one time or another. But the important thing is to remember that it’s going to get better, and you just have to breathe. Here are some ways to stay calm and minimize anger:

Stay patient

Staying patient is not easy, especially if you’re pissed off. And when you’re mad, it can feel like everything is “testing” your patience. This is when it’s important to truly try your hardest to remain patient. Things will go wrong, and that’s okay. Not everything is going to be perfect all of the time, and things will happen when they should. Staying patient for the little things seems to be the hardest, but once you take a deep breath and prioritize, you’ll find it’s easier to do.

Remember everyone else is also going through something

I sometimes forget this, especially when I experience some road rage. You have to remember that someone might be having a particularly bad day, or going through some drama that is affecting them. It’s good to remember that we are all human, and not everyone is out to get you. Respect someone’s bad mood in a way that convinces you it’s not you who’s the problem.

Do things slowly

Take your time with all things. Doing things slowly will make you appreciate the little things. Eat slower, get dressed slower, act slower. I don’t mean you have to add twenty minutes to your routine because you’ve slowed down, but do things in a way that makes you appreciate them. If you eat breakfast too quickly because you’re rushing to get out the door, your whole day is affected from that. Wake up ten minutes earlier and enjoy that extra time to eat breakfast slower and prepare yourself for the day.

Practice breathing exercises

This might seem kinda lame, but it really does work. You don’t have to go all out and do meditation and yoga, but that wouldn’t be a bad idea. Breathing exercises helps center your mind and will lower your heart rate. An internal calm is super important because you will begin to exhibit that calm behavior within your personality. Your calmness will then affect others, and it will just be a better aura for all overall. While you breathe, close your eyes and try to avoid thinking of any issues that are making you angry. This is your time to zone out and step away from the problems causing you stress. Once you feel calm, you can approach the situation better.

Write it out

This is one of my favorite tactics because you can say anything you’d like and not hurt anyone’s feelings. Take this opportunity to speak your mind on exactly what you wish you could say, and then read it over. After you’ve written out your anger and you’re feeling better, read what you’ve wrote. You’ll be able to address the issues from a different standpoint, almost like an outsider looking in. Once you’ve read it all, you might notice different ways to handle the situation better. Suddenly you’ll have options.

Communicate any issues

It’s so important to talk. Especially to the person you’re angry with. We all know not to go to bed angry, and I am a strong proponent of making sure that never happens. Don’t leave any unspoken things or situations alone. Speaking your mind to someone will help them understand why you’re angry, and you could work together on coming up with solutions. Don’t forget that you’re not alone in most things, and if you find someone willing to listen, work with them to keep yourself calm.

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