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MIT and Cornell say 3,000 Cars can Handle All of NYC’s Commuters


After estimating that ride-sharing could lessen traffic time by 30% in 2014, researchers at MIT and Cornell released an updated study claiming that 15% of New York’s taxi fleet could fulfill passenger demand if more people were willing to split their rides. The study calculated a hypothetical reduction based on a 2,000-car scenario if each vehicle could taxi 10 riders.

While replacing the yellow cabs of NYC with 2,000 10-seaters is unlikely, a more formidable translation brings that number down to 3,000 4-seaters, which is still challenging considering travelers would have to travel individually. Despite the lower numbers, the practicality of delivering on NYC’s streets with only 3,000 vehicles only works with autonomous mini-busses doing the dirty work.

[Via Mashable]

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