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Model Ebonee Davis Recreates Iconic Fashion Looks and It’s Jaw Dropping

The Cut, held a fashion shoot to recreate some of the fashions most memorable looks.

Model Ebonee Davis recreated some of the most iconic looks by some of the most famous black women in the entertainment industry. From the incomparable Nina Simone to the Supermodel Iman, Davis pays homage to a slew of iconic black woman.

Ebonee Davis who was one of the stairs of the Calvin Klein 2016 campaign has been outspoken on racism in the fashion industry.

She addressed it in an open letter that was published in the Harpers Bazaar.

In regards to one of the photos of her, she said:

“It was only then I realized the importance of the Calvin Klein image staring back at me. Fashion, the gatekeeper of cool decides and dictates what is beautiful and acceptable. And let me tell you, it is no longer acceptable for us to revel in black culture with no regard for the struggles facing the black community “

Check out the incredible photos below:


[Via Twitter]

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