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The Model Featured in Dove’s Latest Controversial Ad Speaks Out

This week, Dove released a new ad that has turned controversial. The ad has been condoned as racist because it features a dark-skinned model removing her shirt and is then transformed into a white-skinned model instead.

Many remarked that the ad had racist undertones that 19th century soap advertisements had, when nobody knew anything about being PC.

However, the model featured is Lola Ogunyemi, and she has released a statement on the controversial ad. Ogunyemi stood up for Dove and praised it’s efforts in making her seem completely comfortable on set.

Ogunyemi’s response was completely gracious. She acknowledged both sides of the situation and drew them together in understanding. She did not condemn Dove for being racist, but instead explained the motives behind the ad.

Maybe sometimes we just have to chill out a bit. Not everything is completely understood at first glance.

[via Twitter]

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