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These Model Planes Are Cooler Than They Sound

I’m one of those people who just cannot do art. In any of its forms. I can’t even cut paper. My Christmas presents look like I hired a five-year-old to wrap them. And not even like a smart five-year-old, more like one that eats Play Doh during craft time.

So, I’m understandably impressed by the artwork created by Luca Iaconi-Stewart, who makes perfectly scaled and photo-realistic airplanes out of nothing more than manila envelopes, X-acto knives, and some glue. Totally casual. Did I mention that the tiny seats recline, the emergency exit opens, and the planes have their own landing gear? Honestly, Iaconi-Stewart’s manila folder planes look safer than some of the budget flights I’ve been on.

The amount of planning and patience it must take to build these is unfathomable. Not sure I’d personally want to do this, but I’m glad someone else does. Watch below if you’re oddly satisfied by tiny versions of regular things.

I would say they should’ve used these in Downsizing, but based on its lackluster reviews, it’s probably better that they weren’t!

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