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Moschino Takes Competitors to the Cleaners with a New Dress

First Balenciaga gave us platform crocs and some fugly sneakers. Moschino has also blessed the fashion world with trends like a candy crush jumpsuit and a toilet paper handbag. And now the Fall/Winter 2017 collection by Moschino is definitely raising some eyebrows. The runway show featured a collection made of and inspired by trash. Jeremy Scott, the designer of the collection, created the line in a tongue-in-cheek way, using cardboard boxes, tissues, and plastic bags.

via Mashable

The “dry cleaning cape overlay dress” is just one of the pieces featured on the runway. Priced at $737, the plastic bag is just the plastic bag. The black dress worn by the model IS NOT INCLUDED.

So it’s literally $700+ for a plastic bag?????

Scott has announced the collection is satirical, but this is next level.

[via Mashable]

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