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Muggles Beware: Edinburgh Pub Changes Its Name To “The J.K. Rowling”

You’re out of luck if you’ve ever been to The Conan Doyle pub in Edinburgh, Scotland, and would like to return.

The pub, now renamed ‘The J.K. Rowling,’ will surely become a major tourist destination for Harry Potter fans who like beer. The pub’s previous namesake, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, was born close by in Edinburgh; he wrote Sherlock Holmes.

Rowling’s work is undoubtedly as popular today as Sherlock Holmes was in the 19th century. Though Doyle lost the pub’s name, a statue of the detective he created still stands tall just outside. Any true Sherlock Holmes die-hards will be relieved to hear that the name change is actually temporary.

Edinburgh is home to a literary event once a year that showcases the city’s finest writers. Doyle is one, and Rowling, who wrote much of Harry Potter in Edinburgh, is another. Tourists will be able to download an app that maps the city in terms of its historic writers, allowing them to traverse the streets they walked on while listening to their stories.

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