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Nailed It: This Dad Figured Out the Perfect Way to Trim His Dog’s Nails

via twitter

Have you ever struggled to cut your pet’s nails? Most of them hate it and act like you’re the absolute enemy. You’re stuck chasing after your pet with the clippers, yelling, “I’m trying to help you!” But your pet doesn’t care.

This Superdad found a way to fix this issue. Twitter user Kendal Peifer’s father bought a purse and fashioned it with leg holes for their adorable French bulldog. He suspended the poor doggie from a pull-up bar, and he was all ready to get his nails clipped. This dad went all-out, even wearing a headlamp to ensure precision.

Twitter loved this ultimate dad move, and the look of pure resentment on this little guy’s face.

A few users also noticed what I did, which is that this dad is kinda hot.

But most of the more appropriate users were just impressed by his innovation and his headlamp, or it is more commonly known, “that head flashlight thing.”

Now, we wait for a brave dad to provide a similar solution for large dogs. I just hope they all look as cute and completely over it as this brave little guy!

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