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NASA Thinks One of Saturn’s Moons Just Might Have Aliens On It


NASA has announced that one of Saturn’s moons could potentially have aliens on it.

Saturn’s moon Enceladus is completely encrusted in ice. However, beneath that icy crust is an ocean that could be host to microorganisms. There is no light beneath the crust, so the sun has been ruled out as a possible energy source for any life floating around down there. There is an alternative energy source for lifeforms, though.

The spacecraft Cassini has detected hydrogen gas flowing into the ocean from the moon’s core beneath the seafloor. This hydrogen could serve as a potential source of energy for any critters in the ocean.

Any aliens that we would find are likely boring little petri dish swimmers; no fun ray guns, UFOs or probings. Even the moon’s name, “Enceladus,” sounds like it’s got aliens on it. Nonetheless, it’s pretty exciting that there could be potential life within our own solar system. And, at the very least, we don’t have to worry about being invaded by microscopic Enceladians (Enceladussians? Enceladussians.).

[via Twitter]

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