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It’s National Puppy Day, So Here Are Some Puppy Videos to Help You Make the Best of It

Pretty much every day has some sort of random holiday attributed to it, but today has to be the best one of all. That’s right, folks: it’s National Puppy Day! It’s a time to celebrate your dogs in every way possible and show them how much you love them. I mean, you should be doing that every day, but especially today.

One of my favorite things about this momentous day is now I have a legit excuse for watching all the puppy videos I do on a daily basis for the next 24 hours (not that I care about people judging me for watching puppy videos for hours on end every other day of the year). So, in honor of this wonderful, wonderful day, I’d like to help you start your weekend off right with some of the best puppy videos out there. Enjoy!

Note: before you say “Hey, some of these dogs aren’t puppies anymore,” you’re wrong: all dogs are puppies.

First off, check out one of my favorite internet dogs, Coconut Rice Bear, as she urges you to believe in yourself.

It should be noted though, that Coconut Rice Bear herself didn’t make that video. However, she did make a response!

Next up, we’ve got this classic video of a husky puppy doing its best to make its way through the biggest challenge of its young life: the stairs.

Speaking of learning new things, check out this compilation of puppies figuring out how to howl.

As amazing as puppies howling can be, sometimes they don’t want to stop there. Instead, the babies in this video are doing their best to argue with their humans.

Finally, if you’re just looking for some general cuteness, check out this compilation of the best puppy videos from all the way back to 2015.

Happy National Puppy Day, everyone! Make sure to give your beloved dogs some love.

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