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The Nations Where Internet Censorship Is At Its Highest

We all know that across the world, internet censorship varies. Some countries, like the UK are very liberal, offering freedom of speech and access to the entire web. However, countries such as in the Middle East and Far East, it’s very different indeed.

Movements such as the Arab Spring has only frightened countries into further censorship and sometimes, the need to get around these blockages is great.

Particularly for those who are travelling across the world, the need for a VPN to access everyday sites such as Netflix, Facebook or Twitter is actually very high. But where in the world are most censored?

We take a look at the nations where the government keep an eye on everything…


China is largely considered the strictest when it comes to online censorship, it’s certainly the country which we most recognise as a highly censored one.

The government monitor the internet strictly in China and block sites and filter searches on a daily basis. They will delete any anti-government sites and if any sites that are pro independence, they will redirect them to sites that offer pro-communist information.

Saudi Arabia

Like China, any websites that offer an opposition to governmental policy will be blocked. That’s on top of any religious beliefs that don’t match the Saudi government.

It’s a country that certainly needs a VPN to get around the 400,000 sites blocked by the government. You can find out how to unblock restricted sites in Saudi Arabia with a VPN by clicking the link, opening up a number of sites by camouflaging your IP address.


Internet activity is heavily monitored in Syria, so much so that any activity within internet cafes have to be logged. To access the internet in these destinations, you must provide identification as well as have the time and date reported to the government.

You can be arrested for any anti-government sentiment posted in Syria, like in most Middle Eastern nations.

North Korea

It probably comes as no surprise that Kim Jong-Un isn’t a fan of the internet and access to the world wide web is extremely tight.

Every single website in the country is monitored by the government, meaning the likes of Facebook, Twitter and, well practically anything fun, is strictly off limits. Not that it’d really matter.

Only four percent of North Korea have access to the internet, meaning the vast majority have to live a life we perhaps couldn’t even imagine anymore.

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