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NBC Floats the Possibility Of Bringing Back Both ‘The Office’ and ’30 Rock’ Unless You Have A Better Idea

Remember when NBC ruled the sitcom landscape? This is the network that gave us SeinfeldFriendsFrasierCommunityParks & Recreation, and two of the most beloved TV comedies of the 21st century, The Office and 30 Rock. Ever since those two shows ended, the peacock has found itself adrift when it comes to comedy, sticking instead with live musicals and This Is Us. Now, under current NBC Entertainment Chairman Bob Greenbladt, and his so far so good strategy of reboot everything and ask if audiences even want it later, we may be getting new seasons of The Office and 30 Rock much sooner than you’d think.

During an interview with Deadline, Greenbladt confirmed that he remains in touch with Office show runner Greg Daniels, and that Daniels has an open invitation to revive the show if he ever wants to:

“We often talk about The Office, I’ve talked to Greg four times over the past few years. It’s always, ‘maybe some day but not now.’ There is certainly an open invitation but we don’t have anything happening right now. If he wants to do it, I would do it.”

Later on in the interview, Greenbladt revealed that he had a similar understanding with Tina Fey:

“I’d say to Tina ‘Hey, you think some more 30 Rock makes any sense?’ She’d say, ‘I don’t know maybe.'”

So there you have it. Reboots, remakes, everything old is new again. Unless you have a better idea, like the industry investing in new and original voices with dynamic ideas…ha, that would never work! Anyway, here’s a classic scene from 30 Rock that will eventually be tainted by a mediocre eighth season:

[via Elite Daily]

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