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Need a Lyft to CES? You Can Navigate Las Vegas Driverless Next Week

We’ve all heard rumors about self-driving cars that moguls like Google are experimenting with, but what is the future for such an endeavor? Next week, Lyft will be partnering with a self-driving technology company called Aptiv. They will be testing out some of their new self-driving cars in the Vegas strip area during the CES tech expo.

Here are the major things you need to know: It’s not completely driverless. There will be a driver sitting at standby, just to monitor the whole thing and intervene if necessary. Also, you won’t be able to go just anywhere. There will only be 20 preprogrammed destinations for you to choose from, all of which are major attractions in the Vegas area.

And don’t worry, you’ll be riding in style – the cars are from the BMW 5 series, and have a flashy “Aptiv” and “Lyft” logo on the side, reflecting the two companies.

Both companies are putting a lot on the line by going into the busy public streets of Vegas, but they reckon that there is a lot to be gained from this experience for the future of this technology. Both companies vouch that their ‘drivers’ will help to compensate for any slight malfunctions that may occur throughout the week.

Interested in getting in on the action? You’ll need to book your seats in advance, as it is a first come first serve situation. And seeing as this technology is still in it’s Beta, don’t forget to buckle up for your ride!

[Via The Verge]

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