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Need Another Reason Not to Text and Drive? Washington Will Hit You with a New “E-DUI”


Despite knowing the risk they take every time they do it, people still love to drive with their phones in their hand. Sure, there’s special emergencies in which it people need to make a phone call, like calling 911, but if you don’t already know that’s a bad idea by now, or you’re too lazy to connect your phone to car via bluetooth, then you’re an idiot who doesn’t give a fuck about anybody but yourself.

But, if you’re a Washington resident, you might start re-thinking your driving habits.

According to TDN, starting today, drivers caught using an electronic device while stopped at a red light or intersection will be subject to a $136 fine under Washington’s strict new “E-DUI” law. While this might seem a bit extreme, it’s not all bad. The law does allow “minimal use of a finger,” so a single touch or swipe is still permitted.

 Erica Mascorro, a spokeswoman for the traffic commission, said that “We’re supposed to use that time to scan the intersection and we’re supposed to pay attention to how traffic is moving ahead,” to justify the fine for an already stopped car.
If you really need to use the phone that bad, I would suggest pulling over, especially if you’re in Washington.

[Via TDN]

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