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Nerd Alert: ‘Silicon Valley’ Season 5 Trailer Shows First Look at The Show Without T.J. Miller

CREDIT: HBO via YouTube

Silicon Valley Season 5 is fast approaching. It’ll be the first without Elrich Bachman, which is definitely for the best following the sexual assault allegations against actor T.J. Miller.

Otherwise, the show appears to be following the same general route of comedic antics, work struggles, and a healthy dose of relatable awkwardness. Richard Hendricks (Thomas Middleditch) might be the CEO of Pied Piper, but that doesn’t mean he’s any better at public speaking.

When faced with making opening remarks to new employees, Richard runs to his office to throw up. “Your secret’s safe with me,” Jared Dunn (Zach Woods, although I can still only see him as Gabe from The Office) promises earnestly. Naturally, everyone already saw it happen live through Richard’s large glass window.

Watch the trailer below to see the Pied Piper crew continue to try their best and get involved in some pretty ridiculous antics along the way.

Season 5 of Silicon Valley premieres March 25th, 2018 on HBO.

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