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Netflix Axes ‘The Get Down’, Record Needles Everywhere Scratch


Netflix has canceled The Get Down after only one season.

The Netflix hip-hop original cost $120 million to produce, one of the most expensive shows in history. But during the first month of its premiere, it only drew about 20% of the audience that viewed the season 4 premiere of Orange is the New Black.

Progress on the show was so sporadic that some of the writers started calling it “The Shut Down.” Baz Luhrmann, the filmmaker behind extravagant movies Moulin Rouge! and Australia, was heading the project and worried about it constantly during production.

Luhrmann said about his role in the show’s production to Variety last year,

“I really believed that I was sort of going to be an uncle to the project. The mechanism that pre-existed to create TV shows didn’t really work for this show. At every step of the way, there was no precedent for what we were doing. The standard process really didn’t work, so progressively, I was drawn more and more into the center of it.”

[Via Variety]

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