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Netflix is Releasing their First Sports Based Documentary

Via Netflix

The Supplemental Draft in the NFL is for players who were not eligible for the NFL Draft for many reasons, ranging from drugs to sexual assaults, or anything else of that nature.

Almost every player who is not eligible for the NFL Draft who needs to prove themselves to the league goes to East Mississippi Community College. You may know the name Legarrete Blount, the starting running back for the Patriots? He went there. Other notables who did not make it to the NFl, but wound up playing Divison 1 College, went to this school.

Now there is a Netflix documentary coming out about the school, debuting on July 29, 2016. Check out the trailer, below.

Described as a, “Gut-wrenching behind-the-scenes look at the world of college football,” Last Chance U follows the stories of elite athletes in tough life circumstances who struggle to find their redemption on a champion community college football team and hopefully realize their dreams of competing at the next level.

[via mashable]

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