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Never Complain About Shipping Again: Designers Pay Absurd Amounts to Send Oscars Gowns to LA

Have you ever been excited about the good price you scored during an online shopping binge, only to watch that number soar when shipping is calculated? It’s a pretty rough feeling. Turns out, luxury brands that design custom gowns for celebrities on the red carpet have the same problem.

We all know that custom gowns for show like the Oscars are insanely expensive, often encroaching on us average Americans yearly salary. However, Christian Siriano brought light to a whole other cost on Sirius XM’s The Michelle Collins Show. “It’s so much money to make these custom things and send them around the world,” he said. “I mean, it can be $2,000 to overnight a large box to LA.”

In 2018, Siriano and his team sent around 100 gowns from New York City to Los Angeles for the Oscars and other events around the same time. He estimates that his shipping costs this year were around $50,000. Yikes!

Unfortunately, celebrities just don’t pay for shipping. Siriano said “most [celebrities and stylists] don’t have a budget for shipping.” I mean, me neither, but come on! The exposure that designers receive from celebrities is worth footing the shipping bill, but at this point you have to wonder if just flying someone across the country with all those gowns might make more sense.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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