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These New Architectural Designed Cakes Are Created With a Graphical Algorithm Editor

Barry Callebaut, a Swiss chocolate company, invented a new type of chocolate, “ruby chocolate,” in September.

Now Ukrainian pastry chef Dinara Kasko has created sculptures from cake and, of course, the new chocolate. Her aim was to create a series of cakes that form a single composition. Kasko uses Grasshopper, a graphical algorithm editor, in order to mold unique silicon shapes.

Kasko described her influence from “paper engineer” Matt Shlian:

We took a pyramid and changed the tilt of each object and the area of each top plane, programming and scripting the set of cakes.

These cake designs not only look delicious – layered with mousse, meringue, berry confit, biscuits, and chocolate – but would be perfect for architectural companies’ parties. Of course, anyone who loves to indulge in intricate cakes may also want to figure out how they can order one of these masterpieces. Let me know when you do…I’m still trying to scope them out myself!

[via Cosmopolitan]

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