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This New Art Exhibit Could Completely Change Your Perception of New York City

Courtesy Queens Museum

Imagine you are walking through midtown and there is a massive dome surrounding you. Now picture you are jogging along the Hudson River, look up at the series of towering buildings.

Developers, politicians, and architects alike have attempted to transform New York City in these drastic ways. However, as you may notice on your adventures through midtown or along the Hudson River, they have failed.

A new exhibit at the Queens Museum, titled Never Built New York, details these concepts. Divided into three parts, the Queen Museum’s layout will organize scale models in order to display these proposals. The museum and its Panorama of the City of New York, will also include 70 new additions in order to display the city as if these projects had been successful.

Courtesy Queens Museum

Never Built New York’s co-creator, Sam Lubell, touches on the intentions of the exhibit:

The exhibition will take visitors beyond the limitations of reality, into an alternate history of New York…The show is designed as a dense urban dreamscape, revealing in all directions pure urban inventions that would have changed the city beyond recognition—both for better and for worse.

Never Built New York will run from September 17 through February 18. You can find more information on Never Built New York on the museum’s website.

[via Time Out]

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