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This New Bahamas Resort Welcomes Plus-Size Individuals to their own Haven

via Cosmopolitan

The Resort, a unique getaway in the Bahamas, has been established specifically for plus-size individuals.

James King, founder of the Resort, previously worked at a resort in Grenada, and witnessed a young woman sit on a beach lounger. When it broke, everybody on the beach laughed. The next day, King overheard the woman yelling at the hotel after they charged her $150 based on the property destruction.

King told People, “I tried to convince the owners that we needed furniture other than this plastic flimsy stuff, and they didn’t care. I decided that I had to do something.”

And he did: King took a chance and was successful. After facing difficulty in securing furniture and other amenities, the Resort has been booked since its opening.

King describes the Resort’s “relaxing vibe” overall:

It’s people who have lived similar lives with the same issues, and all of a sudden most of the stigmas are gone, because nobody’s staring at them. They just feel like they can identify. A lot of people who come have never met, but after just the first night it’s like they’ve known each other for years.

Learn about the Resort through this British documentary:

This is so positive.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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