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A New Dating App Allows People to Submit Applications to Date You

Apply to Date is a new dating app which allows daters to build a web page that acts as somewhat of a dating resume. The webpage has a shareable URL, which allows people to share it on their social media accounts. The apps founder and creator Lucy Guo, told Mashable that the concept was created out of frustration from other dating apps such as Tinder, OkCupid, Bumble, and Raya.

“Tinder felt too shallow with emphasis only on photos. OkCupid was information overload,” says Guo.

“I personally was looking for a date to a holiday party and thought it’d be fun to look via my own network and filter applicants on Tinder,” Guo added.

Apply to Date, which launched three weeks ago, is described by Guo as being somewhere in the “in-between of dating apps” and “your own game of The Bachelor(ette).”

The profile is similar to most dating apps, with an introduction, background information, and a list of things you’re looking for, and also what you’re not looking for. Links and photos to your social media accounts will also be visible.

The amount of applications one receives depends on how actively you promote your profile. “We launched three weeks ago and it ranges from 0 to 160, with the ones actively promoting and putting it in their bios are receiving between 10 and 50,” she says.

“We offer just enough information, prevent catfishing by forcing you to attach social profiles,” she says. SO the cons for this app is that it automatically shares your contact information with those who you’ve matched with. “We also skip the bullshit — contact information is automatically exchanged when you match, so there’s more intent,” Guo explains.

Emily Jones, who works at Boom Supersonic, has been using the app for the past few weeks and has yet to encounter any issues.

“I think the idea you get their phone number immediately cuts out a huge process of transition between on the app to personal phone due to notifications it’s just not as direct as getting their number immediately,” she says. Jones says that the majority of the dates she’s been on have been the “networking type dates,” and not “romantic formal dates.”


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