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New Doctor Strange-Featuring ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Trailer is Your Latest Excuse to Rock Out to Some Face-Melting Synthwave Music

CREDIT: Marvel Studios via YouTube

Of all the trailers that came out of this year’s Comic-Con, I was most entertained by the one for Thor: Ragnarok, thanks to its utilization of the bone-rattling synthwave track “In the Face of Evil” by Magic Sword. I suppose I am excited for the actual movie as well, but this music gives me LIFE.

Anyway, there’s a new trailer out today, and it too uses “In the Face of Evil,” so today is a good day. It’s an international trailer, so that’s what’s up with all the Japanese text. Now I’m kind of hoping that the American version also features Asian subtitles just for the hell of it. It adds to the whole otherworldly Ragnarok-ian vibe.

One thing this trailer does not have, and it is sadly a trend, is an adequate amount of Jeff Goldblum. Umm, uhh, uhh, hmmm … does Asgardian life find a way?

Oh, and Doctor Strange is in this one, too!

Thor: Ragnarok smashes into theaters November 3.

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