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New Navigation App Uses Restaurants to Navigate You to Your Destination


Navigation apps are everywhere, obviously (otherwise I’d never be able to get anywhere). My problem with navigation apps is that I have no fucking idea what 900 ft. is. Honestly, do I look like Christopher Columbus? Do I have a compass or measuring tape? Do I look like I know the metric system or something? No, I don’t so don’t give me that bullshit, Google.

Now, there is a new app called Walc, that is designed for people who walk and need landmarks and restaurants to understand where the hell they are going.

Walc founder Allison McGuire says, “Time passes differently when you’re walking—all of your senses are engaged and you gravitate toward visual cues to guide your way. You measure distance with time, blocks, steps, and even calories burned. When you’re driving, you look out for signs and measure distance in miles. These are very different experiences…we cater to the pedestrian experience.”

How does the app work?

Basically, it navigates you by the things you see instead of measurements. The app will give you turn-by-turn direction based on a Starbucks or a Chipotle for example. So imagine you’re using the app and it was “Make a right at the Chiptole on the corner.” Damn straight, I’m going to know exactly what she’s talking about.

McGuire says, “You simply decide where you want to go, and confirm what you can see to start your journey. The app does everything else. No more worrying which direction is north or trying to figure out where that blue dot is traveling as you move.”


If there are no notable places (which is not likely) the app will use street signs to guide you.

Absolutely genius.

[via Fast Co.]

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