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New pages discovered in Anne Frank’s Diary have dirty jokes in them

Anne Frank concealed two pages in her famous diary with brown masking paper, a group of Dutch researchers announced on Tuesday that these pages are accessible and revealed what was written on them.

Professionals from the Institute of war, the Anne Frank House museum, the Huygens Institute for the History of the Netherlands and the Holocaust and Genocide Studies used digital methods to reveal the concealed text.

The pages were backlit, photographed and with the help of an image-processing software, the professionals managed to make the writing readable. The entry had the date September 28, 1942, on it and comprised of “five crossed-out phrases, four ‘dirty’ jokes and 33 lines about sex education and prostitution,” according to the statement made by the Anne Frank House.

The new text revealed more information about Anne’s personality. The statement also said, “The covered pages do not alter our image of Anne. She regularly recorded ‘dirty’ jokes or dealt with sexuality in her diary.”

It also said, “Over the decades Anne has grown to become the worldwide symbol of the Holocaust, and Anne the girl has increasingly faded into the background. These—literally—uncovered texts bring the inquisitive and in many respects precocious teenager back into the foreground.”

Although it’s still unclear why Anne would conceal these specific pages, Ronald Leopold, director at the Anne Frank House gives us a probable reason – “She was probably afraid that other people that she was in hiding with—either her father, her mother or the other family—would discover her diary and would read these fragments, so probably that’s the reason why she covered them.”

The new pages revealed that Anne’s father visited a brothel in Paris. She wrote, “All men, if they are normal, go with women, women like that accost them on the street and then they go together. In Paris they have big houses for that. Papa has been there.”

Anne also wrote about menstruation in one of the passages. She wrote, “a sign that she is ripe to have relations with a man but one doesn’t do that of course before one is married.”

Some of the dirty jokes she wrote in her diary were as follows – “Do you know why the German Wehrmacht girls are in the Netherlands? As mattresses for the soldiers.”

Another joke read: “A man had a very ugly wife and he didn’t want to have relations with her. One evening he came home and then he saw his friend in bed with his wife, then the man said: ‘He gets to and I have to!!!’”

Credit Source: Newsweek


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