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The New Polaroid: a GIF(T) from Me to You

In 1943, Edwin H. Land established the Polaroid camera, an instant self-developing tool. Over the course of 74 years, the Polaroid continued to evolve – gaining popularity among millennials.

Today, Abhishek Singh engineered a Polaroid camera that is able to print moving images. These images are on loop – we know them as “GIFS.”

With a click of a button, your film begins to develop. Upon its release, you shake it. Singh calls his homemade camera the “Instagif NextStep,” having drawn inspiration from the 1977 OneStep Polaroid.

Singh explains to Leif Johnson from Motherboard his motivation for the camera:

I just wanted to build something physical and the idea of holding a moving image just popped in my head.

Motherboard also reports that Singh’s “NextStepfeatures the ability to share your GIFs by hooking up the camera to your laptop.

As Singh reveals the impressive detailed mechanisms behind his creation, it’s difficult to remain neutral. However, there are a few essential questions: How much will it cost? Where is it available?

Is it worth it?

[via Maxim]

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