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New ‘Portlandia’ Sketch Attacks Sad One-Person Meals, Just in Time For Valentine’s Day

CREDIT: IFC via YouTube

Portlandia is at it again, and by at it again I mean dragging us beyond belief. Recent sketches from the show have basically proved that we’re already living in a bizarre dystopian future. Season 8 has essentially turned into a live reel of my actual existence, and the new sketch “Sinkles” is perhaps the most depressingly real, focusing in on the all-too-real experience of eating random parts of meals over the sink instead of actually cooking a nice dinner.

“Now, you can enjoy eating with others in the way you enjoy it most: single and hunched over a sink,” the faux advertisement proclaims. Menu offerings include: cold falafel balls, natural peanut butter, smoked turkey slices, cashews, salmon, hummus…any random food item in your fridge: they’ve got you covered!

Who hasn’t “enjoyed” a meal in this manner? I, for one, am a big fan of sink meals as I don’t have a dishwasher. However, their “garbage meals,” which are coming soon…I think I’ll skip. Watch the video below if you’re ready to feel attacked:

Portlandia: proving not even our televisions offer an escape, one sketch at a time.

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