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This New ‘Portlandia’ Sketch is Blindingly Real

“Finally, a world where you can focus on the original thing you were doing,” advertises Distraction Canceling Glasses, the latest gag product on Portlandia. Honestly, though, this sketch is more appealing and, sadly, realistic than ever.

The concept behind this sketch applies the same blinders used to keep horses focused to human beings. These blinders are supposed to keep us distracted from “what the cast of Family Matters looks like right now,” “skateboarders racking their balls on handrails,” and even “colorblind videos where people put on these special glasses and they see colors for the first time.” My question is, where were these when I was in college?

These glasses don’t just prevent Internet distraction. These glasses can even make you feel better about “your own pathetic life” and help “shape your worldview”.

In terms of a Portlandia sketch, it lacks a certain amount of weirdness. If anything, this just feels a bit too close to reality. Naturally, that’s the point, and I found myself wanting to buy the product more than I found myself laughing.

The line between reality and parody is just getting a bit too fine.

Watch the final season of Portlandia on IFC Thursday nights at 10 p.m.

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