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A New Study Reported on Heart Health and the Results Are…Cheesy


There are always new studies going around that boast heart benefits and increased health. For instance, dark chocolate is a popular food that is usually linked to heart health, as are avocados. Pasta has also been linked to possible health benefits, and now a new study is kind of encouraging pasta consumption.

Chinese researchers have found that having a daily dose of 40 grams, the size of a matchbox, can reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease. Although some cheeses are high in sodium, the researchers believe that since cheese is also calcium-rich, most of the sodium will be absorbed by other nutrients.

By studying the diets of 200,000 people across Europe and North America, the researchers found that the people who ate 40 grams of cheese daily had a 10% decrease for stroke and 14% decrease in developing different heart disease.

The paper, published in the European Journal of Nutrition, is different than other papers published that claim vegetables and unsaturated fats are more important for diet. They claim that a high-dairy diet is “not necessarily damaging to health.”

Cheese has been linked to heart health because it is believed to contain properties of clearing arteries, among other benefits. Like with all other food studies, the researchers say they are still unsure about “long-term consumption affects the development of cardiovascular disease.”

[via Grub Street]

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