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New Study Says if the Zombie Apocalypse were a Real Thing We’d All Die in 100 Days


Don’t have a meltdown just yet. If you were to ask me, I’d say the robot apocalypse is far more imminent than a zombie apocalypse. I mean, with all the technology out, it’s inevitable that one day a Tesla is going to turn into a transformer and fuck shit up, but that’s a different article for a different time.

Anyway, according to the Huffington Post, new research published in the University of Leicester’s peer-reviewed Journal of Physics Special Topics claims that should the zombie apocalypse actually go down, there would only be “100 to 200 survivors” and it would take the zombies all of 100 days to wipe humans out. The study is based on the fact that there would be 190 million zombies running around killing people (or whatever zombies do … eat people?).

So how did they get to that number?

The researchers used an algorithm (duh) that shows how fast the human race would be wiped out with something like a disease. Then, instead of the disease or virus, they used zombies. The hypothetical zombies were assumed to have a life span of 20 days and a 90 percent success rate of infecting at least one person each day.

So zombies turn more zombies who turn more zombies and we’re gone in 100 days. Sounds promising. Also sounds like something out of FX’s The Strain. 

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