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The New U.S. Embassy in London Looks Pretty Damn Cool

via Londonist

When you think about it, Donald Trump is kind of like the guy who calls into radio talk shows every day to bitch about something. Today’s topic: the fancy new U.S. embassy in London, which Trump (predictably) does not like, probably because it’s not gold and/or ugly as fuck.

Whether or not the reason Trump gives for canceling his trip is accurate (spoiler: it isn’t), today the U.S. Embassy released new photos of the interior of the embassy. And I’ve gotta say, based on what I see so far, it looks pretty snazzy.

Courtesy U.S. Embassy London

Like the rest of the building, the lobby has a sleek, minimalist style – except, of course, for the Great Seal of the United States, which is, by my estimation, 20 feet tall. I can see myself ducking into the lobby while running from Scotland Yard authorities and taking a load off on those sofas.

Courtesy U.S. Embassy London

If you’ve worked in a building with “modern” architecture, the office area probably doesn’t knock your socks off, but there are two features that I particularly enjoy. First, the glass exterior offers a 360-degree view of the Nine Elms/Battersea area in which the building is located. And second, I fully appreciate that they went the extra mile and got hardwood floors instead of carpet. Carpet in an office should be considered violence.

Courtesy U.S. Embassy London

Finally, we have…this area. I don’t know what it’s called, why it’s there, or even whether it’s indoors or out, but nonetheless, I like it. I can picture a very classy spy debriefing their handler in this area, right before one of them throws on sunglasses and a hat and disappears into the crowd. Such intrigue!

Overall, the building (apart from the exterior, which looks like a pineapple in cube form) looks pretty cool. Sure, it’s not an architectural marvel, but when you compare it to the average government building, it might as well have been designed by Frank Gehry. Baby steps, people.

[via Londonist]

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