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New York Knicks to Become Latest NBA Team to Place Advertising Patch on Uniforms

Upon announcing that their uniforms will now be adorned by the logo for Squarespace, the New York Knicks have become the 17th NBA team to wear advertisements on their jerseys.

CEO of the Madison Square Garden Company David O’Connor said that the Knicks have a multiyear deal with the New York-based website-publishing platform. When O’Connor was asked if the Knicks would forego the recent NBA trend of placing ad patches on uniforms in favor of sticking with traditional jersey design, he stated,

“Not really…This is a trend that’s happening more extensively globally throughout a lot of different professional sports. This is a relatively small step for the NBA, relative to what’s happening elsewhere in professional sports. We think it’s a good one.”

The terms of the partnership dictate that Squarespace and the Madison Square Garden Company will give opportunities for digital advertising and financial backing to local small business who use the platform.

Squarespace joins several e-commerce companies who have also made deals to place patches on the uniforms of NBA teams, such as Rakuten (Golden State Warriors), StubHub (Philadelphia 76ers), and Wish (Los Angeles Lakers). Whether or not they have other advertising agreements, nearly all NBA teams will have a Nike patch on their uniforms this year.

[via ESPN]

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