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New Yorkers Can Test Their Lumberjack Skills at a Brooklyn Bar

via Mashable

Apparently, ax throwing facilities are opening up in different cities all over the country. I guess this past year and the political climate is really getting people angry enough. Therefore, as more people turn to ax throwing, a bar in Brooklyn jumped on the bandwagon gives New Yorkers the chance to throw an ax. Hmm. Nothing sounds safer than angry, drunk New Yorkers wielding axes.

Kick Axe in Brooklyn charges a starting price of more than $28 per person, as well as a group rate of $35 per person. Today, the bar will be serving drinks and “high-end” pop tarts to axe-happy customers. There is also a food truck during peak hours to replenish the axe throwers.

Throwing an ax at a bar can seem a bit strange to many, but the company answered the question of ax throwing on their website: “Umm…why wouldn’t you? Not only is it crazy fun, it is hugely satisfying! And easy. It’s all about momentum and not strength,” the website stated. “An 8-year-old can potentially throw better than a 30-year-old. After we teach you how to throw, we set you up with some fun competitive games!”

However, people can’t just walk into the bar and start throwing axes. The bar requires patrons to sign a waiver to prevent lawsuits, in case something were to happen; Which seems kinda likely, if you ask me.

The bar will be open for Christmas Eve, so it’s the perfect place to release pent up holiday anger. London’s rage room has NOTHING on Brooklyn’s ax bar.

[via Mashable]

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