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This Newscaster Hates His Job So Much, Not Even Surfing Dogs Can Cheer Him Up

Dog lovers, prepare to hate this man.

BBC News presenter Simon McCoy was not exactly the biggest fan of the World Dog Surfing Championships story he was forced to read, and he was pretty obvious about it.

Just watch for yourself:

Even BBC News found this funny enough to tweet on their Twitter account.

First off, this guy needs to relax. I understand he wants to be taken seriously as a newscaster, but how could you not think this story is fun after all the horrible news reported daily. He could at least be a little happy that there is some good in the world and everything isn’t about Trump or North Korea’s missiles. Be glad there are things like this to distract us from the ugliness of the world even if you don’t consider it “news worthy.” This is a classic case of “if you don’t like your job, quit.”

Others on Twitter shared my distaste for this depressed old man.

However, most found the comedy in this soon to be news blooper. The fact that he had to report a story about surfing dogs is funny in itself, but the sarcasm, sighs, and eye-rolling cannot be overlooked for how funny they are. This guy hates his life, and misery loves company… but so does Twitter.

We can see how much we love sarcastic blow-ups when they are live on air for all to see. While news bloopers have become a must-see on YouTube, this one will make a list somewhere for two reasons: it’s hilarious, and it involves dogs. Two things Americans love, its comedy and cute animals, and this video has both.

[Via Twitter Moments]

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