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Have Your Next Netflix & Chill Session in This Manhattan Airbnb

Tom Galle
Tom Galle

Tired of Netflix & Chilling on the same old couch? Well, for $400 you can rent a Manhattan apartment listed on Airbnb devoted to the age-old pastime. Fo real. Artists transformed a West Village apartment into this themed abode. Tom Galle, one of the collaborators, said, “They experience something different than just going to a hotel. It’s bringing a part of the Internet to a real life experience. You don’t have to sleep with a girl there or a guy there, we’re just bringing the joke to real life.”


Don’t think about throwing a party here. An Art404 member explained, “We just think it’s a special experience that should only be shared between two people.” Better text that special someone, “you up?” in advance.

[via NY Daily News]


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