Nintendo Will Tell Us How They ‘Switch’ It Up, In January

Via Nintendo

Via Nintendo

“‘Ey, you! Check out this new console trailer. It’s pretty sweet, right? …Eh, what’s that? You want the release date and price? Well, too bad! Ya gotta wait until January  like everybody else!”

That’s what Nintendo said, when asked about their new system, the Switch, word for word, obviously.

I’m paraphrasing, a little bit, but you get the idea.

They’re planning a livestream called “Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017” for January 12th, but the exact time of said stream is currently unknown. The main event will be in Tokyo but Nintendo asserts that other regions will get a hands-on look at the system shortly thereafter.

It’s a shame that we have to wait until 2017 for more details on the Switch but, at least Nintendo’s not keeping us in the dark anymore. The NX speculation days were rough!



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