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Nissan Wants to Sync Your Brain With Your Car

In a Wednesday announcement, Nissan said that they’ll be introducing a “brain-to-vehicle” which can help drivers of semi-autonomous cars make quick evasive movements 0.2-0.5 faster by recognizing when the driver plans on braking or swerving. The company plans to display the technology in next week’s CES in Las Vegas.

Via an email, a Nissan spokesperon said, “It’s something that’s being shown in a relatively early phase, and is not yet close to implementation. We are aiming for practical application in 5 to 10 years.”

The plan is to use electroencephalography (EEG) in order to interpret neurons firing through drivers’ brain with a headset adorned with electrodes. In regards to the headset, Nissan said,

…our device is easy to wear, lightweight and features high-performance dry-sensors. We made the device wireless so the driver will hardly know it’s there when it’s worn.

However, the interpretations provided by EEG aren’t always entirely accurate, as they can often be thrown off by electrical currents coming from other muscles of the body. As of right now, how Nissan intends to avoid this problems is not entirely clear.

While the technology is unquestionably a really cool thing to think about, this uncertainty leaves us with a whole lot of questions regarding the efficiency of the EEG. Nissan clearly aims for this to be life-saving technology, which means that it needs to have all of its murky details cleared up before it’s given the go ahead by consumers and regulations committees alike.

Hopefully we’ll be able to learn more at the CES next week. Until then, check out Nissan’s promo video for the tech below.

[via The Verge]

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