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After No One Shows Up To This ‘Stranger Things’ Themed Party, Millie Bobby Brown Chimes In

Can you think of how tough it would be to have your mom throw an awesome Stranger Things themed birthday party, and have no one show up? That would just about break mah heart.

This was the case for poor little Aaron Alambat, who invited 8 of his classmates, none of whom showed up. But then something great happened to mend little Aaron’s woes.

People started sending their sympathies for the young boy, commenting on how great the party looked and how they wish they had been invited. And 2 days after the original Tweet, who else but the wonderful Millie Bobby Brown got hold of it, and responded to the poor guy.

People love to love the Stranger Things actress, and this just was the icing on the…eggo waffle. Maybe he’ll see Millie next year?

[via Mashable]


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