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North Korea Officially Banned Facebook, Twitter and Youtube

kim jung un

There is officially nothing left to do in North Korea. The country has banned Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter along with South Korean websites. The ban is meant to cease the spread of information and was announced by the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications.


Before the ban, residents of North Korea had limited access to the Internet, while visitors had few restrictions. Now, with the new ban, visitors and foreign North Korea residents won’t be able to post information about what’s going on in the country.


Though the government said YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Voice of America and South Korean media sites are blocked “for a certain period of time,” it’s likely a more permanent move to censor the outside world from what’s going on in North Korea.

Furthermore, North Korea announced that anyone who attempts to hack their way onto the banned sits will be subject to punishment under North Korean law, which I assume consists of being butt buddies with Kim Jong Un.

Luckily, Instagram still works.

[via Mashable]


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