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North Korea Threatened an “All Out War” if the US Takes Military Action


Didn’t I tell you to start building bunkers?

The North Korean deputy UN envoy said that should the United States take military action against them, they are ready for a full blown war. Then, a North Korean foreign office official said that they would also “be conducting more missile tests on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis.”
Don’t know exactly what’s happening? Let me explain.
North Korea started testing nuclear missiles which obviously didn’t sit well with the Trump administration. At that point, the US said that they are ready to take military action against North Korea should China, who basically controls North Korea, not be able to settle down Kim Jong Un.
Thankfully, and probably because of the US, North Korea’s missile tests failed.
After the failed missile launch, Pence flew into Seoul on Sunday. Then on Tuesday, will in Tokyo, Pence said the North Korea regime is “the most ominous threat” to the region. He then, once again, said “all options are on the table” in dealing with Pyongyang.
Why is this going down? Because there are sanctions in North Korea that are supposed to stop them from testing nukes, but clearly it hasn’t work. So when North Korea started testing nukes, they tested them to be able to reach targets around the world.
Obviously that’s a major threat for the US.
[via BBC]
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